Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Still stuck

So I had a fun weekend, but I gained a lb!!! I ate badly, but to gain one lb, I'm not sure. Well I guess I have to start from square one. Yesterday I did pretty well since I ate salad and yogurt for lunch and that kept me pretty full. I also had an egg sandwich for dinner with gazpacho so that was really low calorie and healthy.

I tried going for a run, but the whole gazpacho thing just made my stomach hurt a ton. Today I think I will try and do weights after eating my veggies.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I've been stuck the last few months - no weight loss to speak of- just fluctuations within 3lbs. Its been really frustrating especially since I've been exercising more consistently for the last 2 weeks. This exercise however makes me more hungry. Add to that that I am out of my medication and am not due for a refill until the 27th of August. LAME. It basically means that I will be less able to digest carbs and less able to lose weight. I will be hungry from now on. I have not been as careful with what I am eating this week, but I vow that will change. I have like 32 oz of spinach just waiting to be made into salad.

Tonight I have a dinner party to go to. I am bringing berry crisp because I was asked to bring dessert and the woman who is cooking is pregnant and craving fruity desserts. I will try not to eat some but it will be a huuuge challenge. I dont know if I am up for it. At lunch I will have gazpacho and some yogurt - which is a huge meal of delicious and crazy low calorie things.

I am really going to continue blogging to try and keep up the momentum. Its hard to keep going without some kind of movement from the scale, but I've just got to keep going. I can't give up. Just like at the gym where its depressing to not be able to lift what I once could -- instead I've just got to look at the progress I am making. I've been to the gym or run twice this week which is great because I will not be able to go tonight. I've been trying to run outside since its been gorgeous weather and I want to eventually run my own half marathon soon. Im training for a run on my own. Anyway, I just want to lose this weight and fit into my old clothes. I hate looking so matronly due to my size. I think writing in this space helps me be more motivated, so hopefully continuing to write will continue to help.