Friday, March 9, 2012


After 26 days of juicing I have decided to take a break and just do "regular" dieting. I have decided on a high raw diet with cooked proteins. Yesterday I had a berry smoothie with protein powder and almond milk and lunch was a salmon salad and dinner was a chicken salad with buffalo sauce. Yummy! I really have lost taste for more heavy foods. I prefer my salads, raw fresh juices and raw foods. I feel better on them and my fridge is full of beautiful produce that just makes me smile. Today I brought carrots, an apple and pineapple to munch on as snacks and I am so excited to eat them when I get hungry. I really feel as though a high raw diet with cooked proteins or beans is going to be key for me. I am going to stay away from carbs that are not fruit for now unless I plan on a long run.

I did not gain any weight after coming off my juice diet which shows that the weight loss is holding and will hold as long as I am careful about what I eat and keep exercising. I hope to do a 7 mile run tomorrow so I am excited to run in the warm 59 degree weather!!

I feel like a new person. I feel positive about my diet. I say diet as in what I am eating not a regular "diet" as in a fad or trendy way of eating or temporary diet. This high raw diet has worked for me better than any other eating plan has ever before and I think its healthier than anything else I've tried before. Besides its automatically low in calories given that its mostly raw fruits and veggies.

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